Pegasus Park is more than simply office space: it is a way of life. In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we need a place where we can fully focus on our work. Would it not be better if our workplace offered all the services and facilities to take the stress out of commuting and juggling a busy life? A place where you are part of an innovative, lively community? Beautifully designed, Pegasus Park is such a place, offering  a variety of work spaces, activities and the chance to share knowledge with everyone in our business community.

Located in Diegem, in the Brussels Airport Central Business district, close to Brussels International Airport, Pegasus Park is easily accessible by car, public transport or bicycle. Multiple access roads connect the Park to the Brussels ring road and main motorways. The Diegem railway station is on site as well as numerous bus stops. A high-speed bicycle track has recently been introduced.


 Finding a business park is easy,

finding one that exceeds your expectations is more difficult.


Finding a business park is easy, finding one that exceeds your expectations is more difficult. Pegasus Park leads the way in Belgium, embodying our vision of the future of work: a beautifully designed space in natural surroundings.

See what sets us apart from the rest.

Creating a harmonious enviroment

Blending into the landscape, our buildings are undulating structures in a green oasis. The harmony of nature is reflected in the design of office spaces, bathing in natural light. First impressions create lasting views, so all the reception areas are designed to be warm and inviting.s leo.

 There’s more to work than just work

You spend a great deal of your life at work. So, sometimes you need a place to escape to, recharge your batteries or just have a bite to eat. A neighbourhood eatery offers seasonal fare, while the self-serve restaurant focuses on healthy food  and even sells Starbucks® coffee. You can also use the outdoor BBQ! On Thursdays, we offer various social events.

 Reconnecting people to place

The entire Park is your personal workspace, whether you are in a restaurant or going for a walk. Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the Park gives you the opportunity to determine how and find verified levitra tablet on https://levmd.com/ and where you want to work. Our idea of flexible workspace challenges traditional notions of office space.

 Nurturing innovation

The Incubation Hub nurtures small seeds of ideas that can grow into huge trees of prosperity, helped by some cross pollination. How do we do that? We offer accelerator spaces over three floors for start-up enterprises, thereby stimulating innovation and collaboration with established businesses across the Park.

 Great outdoors for inspiration

Inspiration comes when you least expect it; and seldom when sitting at your desk. When you step out of the office, you will be immersed in the tranquillity of nature around you. Landscaped footpaths link spaces such as informal meeting places and pergolas that flow into summer green rooms. The Park is designed with nature in mind; giving you indoor and outdoor spaces to work, meet and relax.

 Creating community and collaboration

Work away from work. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Tending or visiting beehives, herb gardens or chicken coops during your lunch break will take your mind off work, leaving you feeling refreshed. These small-scale, big impact initiatives encourage bio-diversity and getting people involved in the local environment. If you need let off steam, go run in the park or work out in the gym. Or, just sit back, get a bite from the food trucks and enjoy the onsite events. It couldn’t be any easier!

We offer a great support system to help people be happy and productive at work. The on-site concierge service includes a laundry, hairdressers, a wellness centre with a mini spa, grocery collection and MyCambox delivery collection.

Our  Lifestyle Managers tend to the needs of every tenant, big or small to make your experience enjoyable and lasting.  Working at a strategic level with the board, they make sure that our vision for the Park is turned into reality.

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