Brussels is one of the ten most congested cities in the world. For this reason, many international companies have relocated to Pegasus Park in Diegem, 8 km from Brussels. The Park was designed to function as a self-contained community, offering a range of services and amenities in a tranquil environment.

While more than 120 000 m2 of modern office space has already developed, the completed Park will boast 220 000 m2 of office space, turning it into a prime location in terms of scale and the quality of the surroundings. Pegasus Park offers a 4-star hotel (with 234 rooms) on site, excellent communications, a large number of parking spaces (many underground) and a high degree of landscaping and design.

You know the saying: It’s all about location, location, location. Well, in our case it is so true, we tick all the boxes. We are close to just about everything you will need on a daily basis. Public transport such as buses and trains are within walking distance. Taxis abound. Brussels airport is 5 minutes away and can also be reached by bus. Brussels city center is 15 minutes away and the Park is close to the E40, E19 and R0 highway. Pegasus Park is more than just office space. It is an empowering environment where people thrive.

Pegasus Business Park is owned by Ares Management and his local partner TRIBECA CAPITAL PARTNERS (www.tribecacapitalpartners.com), who is responsible for the asset management. Tribeca currently manages a real estate portfolio of about EUR 500 million and has executed real estate transactions of over EUR 1,2 billion.

The operational property management of the Park is done by Cobelpro (www.cobelpro.be) which is a sister company of Tribeca Capital Partners.

Both companies are part of the Reventon Group of Companies.

Our energetic team can help you with all your requests. We pride ourselves on our innovative and creative solutions to almost any problem or challenge you may have. Our open-door policy means that you can contact us or just walk in for a chat whenever you want to. We enjoy getting to know and talking to our clients.

Meet our team:

Sara Plasqui – Asset Manager

Alexander Baeten – Asset Manager

Davy Braem – Property Manager